When you love you should not say, “God is in my heart,” but rather, “I am in the heart of God.”

A Love that Crowns & Crucifies

This week, I wanted to share one of my favorite pieces of prose on love, whose author, Kahlil Gibran, is a Lebanese-American artist, philosopher, and poet. If you’ve never heard of him, consider this your first…
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“A persistent schizophrenia leaves so many of us tragically divided against ourselves… We talk eloquently about our commitment to the principles of Christianity, and yet our lives are saturated with the practices of paganism… This strange dichotomy, this agonising gulf between the ought and the is, represents the tragic theme of man’s earthly pilgrimage.” — MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.

A Nation Divided

Lately, I’ve found myself in deep sorrow over the absence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In a nation divided by so much turmoil, I can’t help but wonder what the state of racial reconciliation would…
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Syncretize or Marginalize

The Church has always struggled with the temptation to share an ideological framework with the secular world. And yet history has shown, time and time again, that Christians do everything but thrive when they entwine themselves with…
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