About This Blog


  1. a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.
    • synonyms: herald, sign, indication, signal, portent, omen
  2. a forerunner of something.

Middle English: from Old French herbergier, which meansto provide lodging for,’ related to the word from Old Saxon heriberga, for ‘harbor’. The term originally denoted a person who went ahead to find or provide lodging, hence, ‘a herald’.

The Millennial Harbinger was originally the name of a monthly journal from the 1800’s. A man named Alexander Campbell wrote, edited and published the journal in a small print shop he built himself—early blogging at its finest. Campbell’s goal was to promote a lively dialogue about faith between Christian writers with differing perspectives. He wanted the journal to have a positive tone, “promoting reform and preparing the world for the millennium and the second coming of Christ.”

The son of a preacher during the Second Great Awakening, Campbell had inherited a passion to restore Christ’s Church to its original glory. He wanted to break down denominational walls by unifying believers under Scripture and a few essentials of the faith. This spurred on a larger crusade called the “Restoration movement,” which was devoted to seeing a revival of “Primitive Christianity.” Members of the movement identified themselves as “Disciples of Christ” rather than “Baptists” or “Methodists,” and advocated a return to the original Christianity found in the New Testament.

This blog is for those who want to see a new revival—one of reconciliation and restoration—spring up in our church communities and the world at large. What if, in this increasingly divided and hostile world, modern-day followers of Christ were to become heralds of hope—filled with honesty, humility and hospitality?

This blog is for the moderate Millennial milieu, those foolish enough to stand in the dialectic tension—and line of fire—of the endless extremes in our day. Those who are, like me, trying to walk the thin congruous line buried beneath all the rubble left by cultural conflict, religious offense, and political turmoil. Join me in my personal ponderings, spiritual wonderings, and socio-political commentaries and cultural critiques.

About Me

Growing up in three different countries and three different states, my life was a mosaic of cultures and contexts. As a pastor’s kid and a missionary kid, I became familiar with both the beauty and the ugly of the Church. For as long as I can remember, my passion has been to see it rise to fullness in Christ for the sake of our broken, but beautiful world. 

I began writing this blog as a way to remind myself, reconcile others and respond to God.  The main question I wrestle with is how to remain faithful—in truth and in love—to myself, to God and to the world around me.  What does the Good News of the Kingdom look like in every context and circumstance?

In 2012, I moved to Atlanta to establish my career and fell in love with the city—and a boy named Sam. Together, we lead a house church in our home and raise an adorable Australian Shepherd named Levi. I work as a writer for a Christian ministry and enjoy learning new things, going to dinner with friends and playing Ultimate Frisbee.